We welcome volunteers, from entrepreneurs to diplomats, to introduce our youth to global perspectives and work experiences. We know that your insights will inspire them to pursue international careers, embrace educational opportunities and develop their leadership abilities.

Get Involved

You can support Black and Brown youth by investing in YPT Global Edge. We are committed to offering a pathway into foreign affairs, ambassadorship, international relations, and many other areas that result in a global impact.

YPT Professional International Mentors 

For Black and Brown students, many are coming from households that may not have a role model of success and they often don’t get the opportunity to leave their neighborhoods.  We are looking for mentors to support our youth. Sanya Weston, Founder of YPT Global Edge, believes “it takes the greatness of our leaders today to create our leaders of tomorrow.” 

Click below for more information and learn how to become a contributor or mentor for our YPT Youth Ambassadors.