The World is Yours

Only 5% of Americans studying abroad are Black. We’re changing this story, giving our youth a global edge through international travel, education and careers. 

Our Mission.

We create the next generation of global citizens by exposing African-American youth to international travel, leadership development, entrepreneurship, education, careers, cultural immersion, and sports.

6-Week Virtual Learning Journeys

Explore the world in our 6-Week Virtual Learning Journeys, which take students on virtual educational tours to countries abroad where they learn about the history and culture of the destination. 

6 Weeks 

February 4 – March 11, 2023

Saturdays 12:00-1:30

Scholarships are available!

International Scholar Cohorts

Belize (upcoming)

June 2023: Students will travel to Belize on a global citizenship and human service trip, intended to introduce them to the peoples and cultures of Belize, while building social partnerships and pursuing diplomatic fellowship work. 


Dubai (recent)

February 17-25, 2022: Scholars attended Expo 2020 Dubai, where they experienced global creativity and innovation, and visited world-famous historical, cultural and architectural attractions, including a day trip to Abu Dhabi.

Upcoming Trips

July 2023: South Africa

Winter 2024: Colombia

Summer 2024: Dakar and Senegal

Coming Soon: England, Kenya, Bahamas


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