About Us

Young People Travel Global Edge exposes African-American youth to international travel and our 5-pillar curriculum of education, entrepreneurship, careers, sports and cultural immersion to give students a global edge.

“Only 5% of Americans who study abroad are black.

“Over 95% of students who study abroad believe it increases their self-confidence.”

A global edge allows students to broaden their worldview in their everyday lives and have a positive impact on their communities and the world.

This offers a pathway into foreign affairs, ambassadorship, international relations, and many other areas that result in a global impact.

Meet Our Scholars

This summer, our International Scholars participated in a 5-week virtual internship where they discussed topics like the Northern Triangle, climate change, Black Lives Matter, diplomacy and ambassadorship, natural disasters and preparedness, and human rights with teens their age from Kosovo, Mexico, El Salvador, and around the U.S. They also worked on special teams focusing on Social Media & Marketing, Research, Fundraising & Sponsorship, and Operations of our organization.

11th grade

“I think this program had a large impact on how I view social justice issues and it helped me understand it from other people’s perspectives from around the world. But the most exciting thing I learned was about virtual Learning Journeys. It taught me how to do research about countries to learn about culture, architecture, food, and tourism.”

10th grade

“YPT Global Edge will allow kids to have a new perspective on how others live in other countries and that everyone deserves to live the life that they choose. Something Young People Travel Global Edge taught me this summer is communication skills, teamwork, and learning about new experiences.”

11th grade

"Because of Young People Travel Global Edge, I am now more comfortable applying for colleges further from home than I was before I started this program."

10th grade

“Young People Travel Global Edge will impact the world by giving black youth who may be unfamiliar with the world outside of theirs a platform to learn and discover new outlooks of life in other places”

Each International Scholar in our program is expected to choose a destination abroad that fuels a passion or stretches them out of their comfort zone, ensuring their travels will be a pathway to having a global edge.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Detroit, MI. Donations are tax-deductible.

We aim to encourage African-American children to find their place in the world through education, sports, entrepreneurship, career, and cultural immersion.

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Check out these photos from our past experiences!

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